Season 4 - Act 10

**** LIVE MUSIC ****

A live performance by Dick DeLibro!


Fruits and Vegetables, Apiary, Cheese and Dairy Products, tomato sauce and salsa


Eaglewood Farms

CT raised Pork, Beef and eggs

Pies and Donuts!

Butter & Cream Bake Shop

Baked goods and sweets with a Latin flair (rolled cakes, french macarons, cookies, coconut candies, etc)

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I am a RISD graduate and have been a published book cover illustrator/painter and jewelry maker for over 30 years. I collect stones from beaches and create unique pendants by carving, painting, or applying my small photos in resin. I also make cairn stone necklaces.

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Air Purification Plants/General House Plants, Spiritual Products - incense, candles, stones, smudge sticks

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Stained-Glass suncatchers, Handmade greeting cards, Seashell ornament, handmade jewelry, pour acrylic paintings, acrylic bloom coasters

Soy candles & wax melts, incense, diffusers

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We are an all natural and vegan skincare care brand. We specialize in our facial cleansing system but we have an array of products to suit every one.

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Bead by Bead by Linda

Fine beaded jewelry

Eco friendly products for home, bath, kitchen, laundry and eco friendly gifts.


BSR Pottery

Handmade Porcelain and Wood Fired Mugs, bowls, vases, and other utilitarian items. Retired Stratford School teacher Barbara Scioscia-Reed returns to her craft!


Handmade Jewelry, Stratford t-shirts, tote bags, Keychain, coffee mugs


Driftwood Designs

Driftwood Crafts - whales, Hearts & maybe a few other shapes


Wire Wrapped Crystals, sea shells, sea glass.

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We believe the health of a community can be measured by the shared understanding of its assets, weaknesses and commitment to building strong relationships. A successful community will celebrate diversity, act inclusively, work intentionally to create opportunities and reduce barriers to individuals achieving success.

Our Woven Community (OWC) is a Burroughs program that provides local resettled refugee women the opportunity to become self-sufficient leaders and become empowered with entrepreneurial skills and economic opportunity.

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The Town of Stratford

The Town is in the very beginning of the process to update the 10 year Plan of Conservation and Development for the Town. Now is the time to get involved and contribute your thoughts on Stratford's future.