Season 1 Act 4


Eaglewood Farms

CT raised Pork and eggs

Fruits and Vegetables, Apiary, Cheese and Dairy Products, tomato sauce and salsa


Breads and Pastries

We are a family owned artisan bakery that has been in business for 15 years.

We offer grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free Angus Beef, Dog Treats and bird seed ornaments made with our suet.

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Hi, welcome to Wanke's Yankee Hot Pepper Products. My name is David, my friends call me Chile, feel free to do the same. I have been a professional chef for over four decades.

Bee's Cupcake Bites

Live. Love. Yum.

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**** HOT FOOD ****

P. R. Food Truck

Rice and beans, roasted pork, empanadas, pinchos, sodas, juice, water

We will be popping fresh kettle corn all day! We are beyond excited to get popping!

Riehl Cool Crafts and Confections

Hot Chocolate, Cocoa Bombs, Hot Tea, and Cookies!


Fresh Hot Empanadas and Frozen for Take Home!!


Grilled cheese and Soup

The Melting Truck, founded in 2020, is dedicated to serving the best grilled cheese and soup. We start with high-quality ingredients and make each grilled cheese to perfection.

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Women’s inspirational apparel. Every thread has a word and a meaning designed to empower!

Clothing and Creations!

One of a kind hand knitted sweaters and face masks. Memory bears & keepsakes handmade from clothing you can't bear to part with.

Hair and skin

We craft 100 percent organic hair and skin care products. We are a new small business but are committed to providing our customers with quality products.


We are a small business that makes handcrafted novelty earrings. We currently are selling primarily on Etsy and social media due to a lack of opportunity to sell in person. We are a new business (est. 2021) but are really hoping to be able to expand to in-person sales. My partner JJ and I are high school students (16 & 18) and have been working on our business during all of our free time to try and make it it's absolute best. We are really passionate about what we do and would love to expand.

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Hearts Of Stone Jewelry Designs


I handcraft jewelry with natural stones, stainless steel wire, and leather or hand beaded cords. Each piece is one of a kind and I will also make custom pieces. This will be my 3rd year attending Farmer’s Markets, I have traveled all around CT to attend these markets, and it was been such a great experience participating in these community events.

the dognut

Accessories for the non-basic pet (bow ties, bows, bandanas, etc)

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We create custom bracelets and malas from hand selected semi-precious gemstones, that we've collected from around the world. All of our pieces are unique ... Very few are duplicates. We encourage our customers to set a positive intention each morning and use their bracelets and malas in their meditation. "Change your world, one intention at a time"

Wool products - yarn, dryer balls, stuffed animals, etc!

I process all the wool from my sheep and angora rabbits and make my own yarn, knitwear, dryer balls, stuffed animals, etc.

Drift Seaglass



We believe everyone deserves access to healthy food. We run two farms in Newtown and collect surplus produce from local farms for donation to food pantries. We are promoting our "1000 Garden Challenge", an effort to get as many community members as possible growing food at home.


Award winning wine from Napa Valley in collaboration with Robert Mondavi Jr , an impact organization and winery out of Napa. Wine that gives back to charity.