Season 5 - Act 4


Fruits and Vegetables, Apiary, Cheese and Dairy Products, tomato sauce and salsa


Eaglewood Farms

CT raised Pork, Beef and eggs

CT craft Beer Infused Snacks (chips, pretzels, Nut), Beer Brownies/Blondies, “Best of Ct” Cookies and 9” deep dish Pies, and if no other vendor sells honey (Stonewall Apiary Honey) and The Drunk Alpaca Merch.

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We offer grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free Angus Beef, Dog Treats and bird seed ornaments made with our suet.

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Connecticut’s FIRST NON PROFIT Indoor Hydroponic Farm, nOURish BRIDGEPORT Inc, grows vegetables and fruits 365 days/year, 24 hours/day, using only water, light, and nutrients. NO DIRT. NO PESTICIDES.

nOURish BRIDGEPORT (capitalization intentional) is a food-centered, volunteer-powered, community-anchored 501c3. nOURish provides thousands of neighbors weekly with Groceries from our Food Pantry, Formula & Diapers from our Baby Center, Hot Meals from our Soup Kitchen, Education from our English Classes, & Hope from our Hearts.

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Riehl Cool Crafts and Confections

Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea, and Cocoa Bombs!


We will be popping fresh kettle corn all day! We are beyond excited to get popping!


Air Purification Plants/General House Plants, Spiritual Products - incense, candles, stones, smudge sticks

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Jewelry dishes, candles, napkin rings etc. using oysters and clams shells from our Stratford beaches.


Brenda Mann Creations

Hand made wreaths for every occasion!

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Handmade cement plant pots, skulls, candles and misc decor items

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Handmade and intentional gifts inspired by the beauty of nature. Original design tooled leather wallets/purses/jewelry, block printed zipper bags/clothing/purses, greeting cards, goat milk soap, beeswax candles, herbal tea blends, bath blends, bath salts, gift baskets, adornments/accessories

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Wire Wrapped Crystals, sea shells, sea glass.

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Stained-Glass suncatchers, Handmade greeting cards, Seashell ornament, handmade jewelry, pour acrylic paintings, acrylic bloom coasters

Wax melts, soaps, candles, hair accessories

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Vintage & More

Specializing in new jewelry made from vintage parts, restored vintage jewelry, and costume jewelry repair.

Scents of Empowerment

Scents of Empowerment is an online boutique marketplace located in Stratford, Connecticut. Our products are meant to invigorate the powerful sense of smell to inspire, engage and EMPOWER women. We have curated a line of products especially for the “passionate, positive, and persistent you!” All natural candles, soaps and bath & body products are just the beginning of our amazing product line!

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Intune Essentials

Hand poured soy candles, wax melt bars and room and linen sprays


The Megs Artisans

Handmade bags made out of reusable plastic, jewelry made with bamboo, melon seeds, palm.

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Santa and Company

That's right! If the stars align SANTA and Company will be at the market for your entertainment. Snap a selfie, ask a question, make a request! If all that fails, get some of your probate issues resolved.

Special Thanks to Max and Osi Rosenberg