Season 7 - Act 4

****  FOOD PRODUCERS  ****

Fruits and Vegetables, Apiary, Cheese and Dairy Products, tomato sauce and salsa


Eaglewood Farms

CT raised Pork, Beef and eggs

CT craft Beer Infused Snacks (chips, pretzels, Nut), Beer Brownies/Blondies, “Best of Ct” Cookies and 9” deep dish Pies, and if no other vendor sells honey (Stonewall Apiary Honey) and The Drunk Alpaca Merch.



Signed books, illustrations, stickers, buttons


Artwork, Prints, and handmade home decor

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Jewelry dishes, candles, napkin rings etc. using oysters and clams shells from our Stratford beaches.



Handmade cement plant pots, skulls, candles and misc decor items

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Knit crafts such as hats, scarves, ear warmers, gnomes, scrunchies & other knit decor and accessories

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Jewelry, gifts, art work made with Seaglass from the Lordship beaches.

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Illustrations, art prints, original hand drawn tarot deck, stickers, pins, apparel featuring my artwork