COVID Policies

Mask up, come on down, and social distance with us!!

Community Expectations

  • Guests are asked to self screen before attending the market.

  • Anyone experiencing symptoms, temperature over 99.9, or with a known exposure to COVID-19 shall wait for the next market!

  • Masks are mandatory for non vaccinated guests when entering, exiting, or traveling throughout the venue

  • The Port-a-Pot is in the parking lot.

Market Protocols

  • Masks are recommended once you enter the pedestrian area.

  • Keep all lines socially distanced.

  • Eating is for wide open spaces. Everyone is invited to make room for themselves and enjoy the park! Seven picnic tables are located throughout the park. Go see the river! See the Long Island Sound! Spread out and enjoy the fresh air!

  • Leashed dogs are welcome!!